City of Aurum

Arranging an audience

Anton Van Holland shows off to Claudia and introduces the gang. Prompts her for help. Our news makes Claudia run off to tell her father about danger to his mines around soon-to-be-invaded-by-orcs little town we came from.

Our quest continues with search for booze. Darik Brouwer sneaks around and steals a truffle for Anton Van Holland. Success: mead.

Claudia’s father, Baron Kinsen, agrees to help arrange audiences, but in meantime we get free housing and some work. Conclave starts in 3 days.

Darik washes up and shaves before dinner. Leif Boyden gets Laser to recon the city for escape routes or odd goings on in exchange for bacon and beer. Leif stuffs bacon in his pocket during dinner and puts his full beer mug upside down in the other pocket. Darik pulls him out of dinner. Kalna keeps drinking with the captain at dinner.

Laser reports city is blobby but mostly centered around big church. No major thoroughfares. Activity throughout city. Obviously major underground structures. Leif rejoins party as they exit dinner and retire for nightcap and pipes.

Kinsen talks about the new archbishop (a populist), asks about our background. He’s an atheist. He tasks us with preventing any harm to archbishop candidates. Darik asks him about Queen Opal’s past/reputation.

Kinsen talks about ‘Ol Boys’ faction of church with their own candidate. They are most likely to start craps and are most traditional faction. There might be catacombs under old church aWe head to their last known hangout out, an small old church in the east city. Darik hears noises inside and sees two figures grappling in the center. He hoists Leif up to the window. Leif sees 16 yr old boy and goblin fighting to pick up a knife on the floor. Darik sneaks in the side and Anton, Leif, & Kalna move to the front door of church.

Anton knocks goblin against wall with teldekinetic thrust. Leif lights up the center of room with dancing lights. Goblin runs for altar. Kid runs towards north side door. Kid is caught in tentacles. Darik bounced off goblin. Anton controls goblin’s limbs to run back towards the group instead of away. Leif picks up knife.

Kid and goblin are both tied up (8/16 respectively). We’ll interrogate the kid outside and goblin inside.


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