Monastery & City of Aurum

The party continues on the road to Pelor’s holy city of Aurum. Coming to a crossroads, they take the slightly longer road that stops off at a monastery with a reputation for hospitality. They meet a cleric of Fharlanghn along the way who gives them some information about current events – a great storm about a month ago in the tropics, for example.

At the monastery they are received warmly and given lodging & food for the night. Kalna briefly meets an old woman reading a Draconic scroll of magical theory. Darik reminisces about his time as an acolyte. Anton asks after odd jobs and finds a halfling messenger with two broken legs who’s desperate to deliver a message to the city.

The next morning, Anton pulls a card – the Magician again – and creates a floating disc, onto which they tie a chair and also Scot, the halfling messenger. They make the journey to the city to find great crowds of people trying to get in for the coronation and appointment of a new Archbishop of Pelor – crowds so big they’ve attracted hawkers and food booths. Anton sends a mental message to an old flame of his, the daughter of a wealthy baron, who eventually gets them escorted into the city by guards.

The party accompanies Scot to deliver his message in a wealthy part of the city. There they meet Mr. Bean. Bean and Scot head off towards the study while the group gets paid and leaves. Then, shouts and muffled explosions send the group running back into the house. They find Scot, Bean, and their servants scattered around the room and a grey slaad standing over them. In the ensuing melee, Anton slings the slaad into the wall and gets blinded for his trouble, the slaad animates a desk, couch, and two chairs as minions, the Laughing Man stabs the fuck out of the slaad with a poison knife and then gets tripped up by a pissed-off couch, and shit gets fireballed. Bean eventually hires a wizard who fixes up Anton’s eyes and the group sets out to meet Claudia.

Claudia greets Anton with a curtsy and a slap. Anton gives her the life story. She promises to do what she can to get them audiences with the king and possibly the archbishop.


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