Days post underground battle

Kalna pulls card. The Chariot. Everyone around feels a little

more energized.

Breakfast in the castle after the battle. Kalna while eatting

breakfast comes upon a small metal case. Opens it, with

directions to meet by the fountain. Darik recognizes the

handwriting as that of the Laughing Man. Kalna decides to meet

the queen while the rest of us meet LM. Roz goes for a walk.

Convo with Queen- she believes this is just a moment in time

where the strands of fate have brought all the artifacts

together. Lots of interested partys as to whats going on. 100

more gnomes in the city then yesterday.

Roz walks the castle walls. spots someone climbing out of sewer

grate, follows them all the way to church of Olidammara. fought

some people. survived.

Darik and Anton meet with Laughing Man. 2 More artifacts nearby,

not in city. Church of Cord (warrior god) has annual tournament

in city a days ride away, champion gets Belt.

Holy city of church of Pellor (5 days away), hippy pacifists.

Preist of St. Cuthburt missing, hub is in a tropic human nation

(2 weeks to the south).

Anton goes and burns an abandoned building…

Gather our group and meet to chat and share our info from the


We decide to leave for Pellors city at sunrise the next morning.

Kalna goes back to queen and tells everything about churches and

artifacts. Queen has Kalna deliver message to someone in Pellors

city, "go to city hall and show to someone and they will tell you

where to go"

On The Road- Days 1 and 2 are uneventful
Day 3- gnome scouts say something weird is happening. Giant

spiders in a depression in the landscape with 10 ft wide hole at

the bottom. Drow type person riding one of the spiders. Kill

everything. Dark longsworrd, Breastplate, couple of clear

potions, holy symbol. Kalna collapses hole.


ah80 Johnnytenpins

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