Days post underground battle

Kalna pulls card. The Chariot. Everyone around feels a little

more energized.

Breakfast in the castle after the battle. Kalna while eatting

breakfast comes upon a small metal case. Opens it, with

directions to meet by the fountain. Darik recognizes the

handwriting as that of the Laughing Man. Kalna decides to meet

the queen while the rest of us meet LM. Roz goes for a walk.

Convo with Queen- she believes this is just a moment in time

where the strands of fate have brought all the artifacts

together. Lots of interested partys as to whats going on. 100

more gnomes in the city then yesterday.

Roz walks the castle walls. spots someone climbing out of sewer

grate, follows them all the way to church of Olidammara. fought

some people. survived.

Darik and Anton meet with Laughing Man. 2 More artifacts nearby,

not in city. Church of Cord (warrior god) has annual tournament

in city a days ride away, champion gets Belt.

Holy city of church of Pellor (5 days away), hippy pacifists.

Preist of St. Cuthburt missing, hub is in a tropic human nation

(2 weeks to the south).

Anton goes and burns an abandoned building…

Gather our group and meet to chat and share our info from the


We decide to leave for Pellors city at sunrise the next morning.

Kalna goes back to queen and tells everything about churches and

artifacts. Queen has Kalna deliver message to someone in Pellors

city, "go to city hall and show to someone and they will tell you

where to go"

On The Road- Days 1 and 2 are uneventful
Day 3- gnome scouts say something weird is happening. Giant

spiders in a depression in the landscape with 10 ft wide hole at

the bottom. Drow type person riding one of the spiders. Kill

everything. Dark longsworrd, Breastplate, couple of clear

potions, holy symbol. Kalna collapses hole.

Day ?

Headed back to town-beefed up security-, followed gnome priest back to chappel. Chappel empty of patrons, full of guards. Leif stays in chappel. Darik, Kalna, Anton head to castle to get some rest and check in with Jenson.

Meet with Jenson, while we were out there were a handful of pushes by greenskins from the caverns underground. Prisoner says that pushes will only get stronger. Chat with Jenson about whats going on.

Darik sends a contact drop for laughing man to see if he can help with information and bodies for the upcoming problems. Group going to meet with queen to chat about artifacts. Next step is war council. Fight vs. Flight (sending out artifacts to draw orcs away).

Darik and Leif go to meet with Laughing Man. He pledges he aleigence to them so much as they keep feeding him information. Willing aid them no matter what the war council decides. Laughing Man gives them a Scrying Ball so he can listen in on things when needed. Lief holds on to Ball.

Kalna goes to magic shop. Plays with an enlarge(d) rod and purchases it. Anton goes to psion shop. Anton draws from deck, draws The Star-.

Forget about Scrying Ball and go to war council. Queen detects it and kicks us out. Lief and Darik have to explain to Kalna and ANton why. Jenson tells us to lay low for a few days, Kalna has to go buy shit (literally).

Castle bell rings and guards start running toward castle. Laughing Man shows up next to us. Kalna intimidates her way into castle, leaving the rest on the outside, makes her way to the throne room, queen notices her and chat.

Leif, Darik, Anton, and Laughing man sprint to the mine entrance to the caves and come upon a small group of orcs. Clean them out.

Kalna heads down and meets the king in the other side of the caverns and fights with another group.

day 11- Caves and Orcs below the Castle

After Terra burst fearlessly through the illusion doorway, the group (Terra, Leif, Darik, Jensen and Kalna) quickly realize they are no alone. The passage we’ve entered is empty, but Terra can see multiple Orcs, some ranged, some not, in the next passage, and we all hear them.

They immediately charge Terra and Darik steps forward to help. Leif takes the lead in retreating out the doorway and up the narrow ledge. Terra explodes one of orcs into flame. The others follow Leif out as Jensen valiantly

day 10- midnight meeting with the Laughing Man

Day 10-Midnight meeting with Laughing man
Set up 2 squads several block away from fountain with instructions to wait.
Terra summons celestial woodchuck to answer “how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” No way to test such a question since
we’re in mostly stone city. Then poofs out of existence and Laughing man appears and seems amused.

chat with Laughing Man:
LM: wants to know about Axe and especially the Rapier.
T: Wants to know method of passage into the castle by Orcs and their intent.
LM: The “Travelling Man”, disciple of Ollidamara came through town with rapier once and met LM. This is how LM knows about non-disciples getting fucked by wielding
D: talks about artifacts balancing each other, but abandons that idea to LM
LM: Caves and lakes under castle, some of which have links for Undercommon (home of Drow (sp?) who are lawful, evil and can dominate Orcs/execute organized
maneuvers). Mentions old Mining shaft outside castle wall that has passage into castle.
L: reveal names and positions of Priests taken or attacked.
LM: (reveals black and white mask as stroking his beard thinking of this info)seeks more info about effects of Axe on wielder.::leads us to Old Mine::

LM: Wants more info on Artifacts, non-green skins wandering tunnels, Queen’s abilities/studies/theories. Also explains how to use feathers to contact him (write
message, wrap around feather, throw in air). Vows to be an ally.

big fight with 7 orcs, 1 goblins: Leif too far to do anything for a while, Derek survives massive damage, Terra burns all the things with magic. Kill everything.
1 blue wand- Leif takes- magic missile wand
95 gp D & T each

T disarms traps on door and all enter room and search chests. one has nasty mist that T clears out. Other has rainbow explosion that L takes 4
serious acid damage from.
1700 gp in left chest & 1 ring of jumping(+10) terra & derek
60 pp==600 in right chest & 2 alexandrite gems stones -terra & derek
1 staff of frost
(value $2300)- Leif

COntinue exploring towards where Orcs were headed, Turn right towards narrow passage. Search and find 1 door trigger on right side & 4 removable stones on left
side evenly spaced along passageway. trigger leads to Vault. Surprise dwarves who surround us, get Jensen & continue to open removable stones; each leads to
the back of a small jail cell (can only be opened from passageway). Find removable stones to open space of jail cell and to large troll/orc jail cell.

Back track to 4-way intersection. Jensen describes this place as being right under the middle of the castle.
RIGHT: Find 2-level ladder with some listenning posts on 1st levelup and more listening/spying posts and some access to King’s smoking room, Queen’s arboretum,
Throne room.
STRAIGHT: another ladder with spy holes to lower guest quarters on 1st level, and spy holes and entrances to upper guest suite(where we’ve been sleeping) on
2nd level.
LEFT: up ladder leads to hidden stair case with entrance to study, and shitters. Notice precarious path past barrier that leads down and find false wall.
Then we smell orcs then see orcs, then…

NEXT TIME: retreat then secure castle passages.Also need to appraise all items.
2000xp for D, T, & L

day 8-9

end of day 8-return to the castle

King orders servants to prepare a feast. Most are sheding they armor. Suddenly fog starts rolling into throne room. Servant runs in unharmed
and speaks with King quietly. He sends servant back into fog.
Leif fires crossbow at doorway and blindly hits one of three servants. Crossbow taken away. Leif thinks fog will kill him.

Terra, Darik, Leif head for queen’s chambers. Terra fails at calming Leif and doubles penalty of being in fog.

Darik is first through war room door and saves himself from door bursting into flames.

Queen, entourage and guards all safe, but have seen some action. Don’t answer any of Queen’s questions.
Queen’s matron reveals she saw 6 orcs carrying off John Pertwee, priest of St Cuthbert (Justice).

Head to Cuthbert chapel to track John Pertwee. Speak to Mabel (female priest) who was present when stuff went down. She’s fine. Orcs were quiet and
very organized/focused.Fail at tracking.

Marshall Malero(f) & General Thorcrest in Kord Chapel. They defended themselves from capture.

Head to final Chapel (Pelor). Big gliph keeping everyone asleep. Terra falls asleep. Move all white robed figures to adjacent Chapel.“high priest” is not
who Leif thought he was, i.e. just a deacon. William Hartnell (high priest) of Pelor chapel was not among sleeping people. Charge deacon to
keep everyone out of Pelor Chapel.

Report to King then head to large Chapel outside Castle.

Orcs ran off with Moridin’s high priest, Kurts Ronekol.

God-artifact pairings
Ollidamara- Rapier of desperate measures
Moradin- Axe of ancestral virtue
Cuthbert- Cudgel that never forgets
Kord- Belt of the champion
Pelor- Shard of the sun (little crystal)
Garl Glittergold- Hooked hamer of the hearthfire
?- deck of card

Darik pulls The Empress card from box out in the open.(rainbow colors) (Tiamat goddess-evil dragon flight)Black dragon appears after card disappears.
Dragon talks to Darik then flies away without eating anyone.
Box is locked by clear to silver clock mechanism (24 hour cycle).
Day 9- Brief meal with King, killing time, pulling the 2nd card

Leif gathers materials to make decoys boxes.

Terra pulls The Magician card (blue colors) and can cast any level 0-2 spell without limit, but must make save. Chooses levitate first (flashy to make point infront of King).
Speak with King & Queen about power of box and it’s ability to allow multi-wield of artifacts regardless of alignment with gods.
Don’t reveal to them that each card may correspond to a particular god/power/creature summoned. Warn King to not wield the Rapier anymore
but simply protect it.

Recieve message from laughing man for new meeting at midnight by fountain.

Box given to Darik who hides it in cask.

Current Hypothesis:
Box of cards is godless/supergod artifact that allows temporary (probably 24h) wielding of any or multiple godly artifacts regardless of users allignment.
It can be opened once/day to pull a card which summons a creature or power associated with a particular god/goddess. Pulling a card does not give full
control over creature nor risk-free power, though use of power is unlimited in # of uses in 24h period. This is how Orc leader was able to wield the Rapier
of Desperate Measures (confirmed as real by High Priest of Garl Glittergold, (Crimbo Ellington VI) during battle with King, but did not use godly creature
to win battle.
Suspect Laughing Man is High Priest of Ollidamara.
Suspect Orcs being organized/manipulated by non-orc intelligence/power to gather all High Priests for their knowledge of the location and nature of each
godly artifact.
Suspect imminent raid on castle for box, rapier, and axe. Wielding and moving artifacts not equivalent, so items could be stolen without the deathly
consequences of non-believer wielding rapier or axe.
Not sure if Laughing Man aligned with Orcs or will align with us.

Day 8

Interogate Human- would send a message to laughing man asking for a meeting with us.

Interogate Orc- named Skrag, used some empathy, got a bit friendly, then leif asked darik about any wenches or whores he knew of who had some orc fetish—Catherine who works at Copper’s. Went and got her, brought her back to castle, cleaned her up a bit, brought her to the dungeon and she sent us out of the room and after 5 min came back and got us. Skrag was more amiable and told us that he was from an underground tribe and they came up from the caves before bleeding out of every orifice.

spellcraft test- could have been a curse cast on him beforehand or a magical spy in the room.

Returned to king (darik and leif) and queen (terra) and tell our stories when a couple of halflings burst in the room and inform the queen that there is a orcish army of about 20,000 marching this direction about 3 days out from the northeast. King calls a meeting, Darik suggests large scale siege traps (spike pits, laying pitch on the ground,etc. we end up going with some outriders to harrass their scouts to slow them down.

Coming through ravine pathway, ambush with logs, arrows, magic stuff. Dark elves send spiders up cliff sides to us. Slow them down and retreat back to castle.

Leader of orcs, Eye of Gruumsh, one eyes orc, weilds ornate rapier, not a usual orcish weapon.

High priest with king and queen, brings king into chapel and comes back with artifact-level battle axe of Moradin. axe speaks to king.

Begining of battle- king and orc leader go head to head, stalemate for a while, king disarms orc, then beheads orc leader. orcs lose. great feast. king picks up orc’s rapier and another item (small mithril case).

Rapier has a makers stamp of a laughing man. Rapier of Desparate Measures- an artifact weapon made by Olidammara, someone picking up should have been smote down unless a true believer in Olidammara…but king also carrying an artifact magic weapon of Moradin

Mithril case- double spiral design on case, gets tinier and tinier down to the impossible center, holding a deck of cards. Also some kind of magical aura.

Notes- leif- wand of cure moderate wounds 2 charges, -1 lvl 2 spell today
Magic chick
-3 lvl 3 spells, -1 lvl 2 spells today

day 6-7: midnight encounter with the Laughing Man
brawl in the halls of Olidamarra's Church

Evening of day 6- setting up the ambush of the ambush
leif and dead carver set up by center of square, Darik sets up on roof to guard and watch over
6 dudes take positions in each entrance way, plus 4 enemy snipers on roofs with crossbows
The laughing man reveals himself to Leif and brief conversation takes place.
meet laughing man-reveal to him our ‘removal of fine ale from castle’ idea, he disappears without fighting during ensuing battle. Laughing man wears
a stylized version of the mask symbol seen from necklace and as tattoos.
Darik tries to overtake a sniper but commotion makes everyone panic and attack. The laughing man has ability to completely disappear using shadows.
Leif is terrible with falconpunch the hawk. 1st try to raise signal for the guard fails. Leif stabbed in back, kidneys and generally useless
then unconscious. Darik saves Leif with potion and kicking ass. Terra warms up and ends with very impressive, cinematic kills.
Apperance of guards makes most ground-force-type guys run away battle quickly ends.

Looting and capture of 3 prisoners (2 humans, 1 dwarf)

day 7 morning- meeting with Queen Opal
She requests audience with Terra, Leif and Darik. Pushes to gain information.
Reveals she has some very fast acting and seemingly powerful skills including taking over Darik’s body briefly
to make him perform monkish feats of agility.
She also seems to imply that one of her skills is getting people to want to do her bidding. Terra showing up to the battle is an example of this.
We next head to dungeons to question Orc from raid on the castle and the 3 prisoners from the previous evening’s fight.
guiding questions: who did he spot in entering castle? how he got in? do thieves know how to get in? structure of thieve guild?
Know of anyone who is easily manipulable?
interogation results:
orc: leif zaps him repeatedly, trying for intimidation. Stays a little too close to bars and get surprise grabbed. Orc loses his hand
and consciousness but does not die. Is returned to jail but moved to farthest cell, so he’s seen by the three prisoners captured at the square.
Only thing we find out from him is he goes by Kurzon. Plan for him is to keep torturing him to wear him down.
1st human: Scott is 17 yr old kid, scared by blood all over cell. Reveals that the Olidamarra’s Church is ‘everywhere’. It’s more a metaphorical idea
though there are prayers and rituals. Also talked about who the laughing man is. Main characteristic (echoed by next prisoner, the dwarf zac) is
that ’he’s smart. he’s got everything figured out.’ He will be housed for several days in Castle, isolated, then released.
He reveals he’s rather new to organization. He knows the dwarf, nicknamed zac since he can’t pronounce real name, but not the human.
interogation cell was stagged during our lunch to look like we murdered Scott.
Interogation of Zac is done solely by Terra and Darik. Leif steams in a corner. Zac is very cooperative. Reveals more about the splinter cell
nature of the laughing man’s organization, the codename of who his cell reports to: Crescent, and his drop location, a gutter nearby. Also reveals
each cell has one lateral connection. Zac is more or less a local of the castle/town and will be released after being fed.
Terra and Darik plan to leave a message and stake out the drop site with something like, “been released but don’t know why. I think they’re going to
kill me. need help”
interogation of final prisoner, nameless human is put off for later. as is round two of orc intergation.

day 6-leyf sucks ad infinitum

C)day 6-gathering information
head to armory to ask about sold items-leftover axe is higher than usual quality,
definitely goblinoid so manufactured to the east but nothing more specific

enter dismal dive bar, leyf stealthily, derek as himself and makes a sale
acosted by 3 dwarves with daggers-fighting and confusion ensue
1 runs away southward
1 is tied up- take his throwing stars(derek) and small key in his purse, rest of purse goes to Copper for his troubles
leader is prone by nail-bat to the head from Copper (bartender/owner) then tied up. his purse also goes to Copper.
Leader has small necklace with charm similar to tattoo of tied up guy.take necklace.

Carver-human-tattooist-north side of town
he is not convinced to give us thieve’s pseudo-guild info.plans sells us out to thieves in a midnight meeting
set up backup with Jensen- falconpunch (ranger’s hawk) will glide over them and squawk as signal for help needed
return to carver’s shop, undo all magical protections, cast silence over self, knock over inks and shit all downstairs,
try to tie him up but crossbow him through the neck (insta-kill) by accident (leyf is an idiot).

speak with the dead Carver
1) are the would-be attacker you set us up with thieves or smugglers? yes.
2)Who is the highest ranked member of the most organised thieve/crime group in the city? The laughing man
3) where would we find “The laughing man”?locked in the halls of olidammara’s church
4) what would it take to make the laughing man work with us? Great wealth, great power or a great secret
carver’s corpse has a few tattoos which might be the same as the necklace and dwarf tattoos.

derek loots carver’s shop:
1 silver ring with blue stone
3 little feathers with a bird gliph inked on each of them-no idea what that means

days 4-5

B)Enter King’s chamber with Lt. Helo
Boldly pursues 1/2 doz. green skins

1st battle-upstairs from king’s chamber
2 orcs w/ 2-handers
2 orcs w/ crossbows
1 giant goblin
result:all knocked unconscious except 1 of archer orcs(tied up)
loot all bodies:
misc. (70 gold)
3 cure mod. wounds potions
1 big tourmaline (~100-300 gold)
+2 chainmail shirt (magic)-sold
2x +1throwing axes (magic)-sold
4 x dagger-discarded
1x short bow
not looted: 2 x heavy crossbow & 2x 2-handers

2nd battle-king’s bedroom
2 orcs
1 giant goblin
1 2-headed ogre(shapeshifter)
2x small goblins
result:all defeated and unconscious except 1 sm. goblin & 1 orc, king saved and un-magiked.
loot all bodies:
misc. (240 gold)-derek
1x big tourmaline (300 gold)-sold
2x +1throwing axes (magic)-sold
1x +2chainmail shirt (magic)-sold
5x cure mod. wounds potions-derek
1x cat’s grace potion-derek
1x fly potion
300 gold-from treasurer
12000 gold-from armorer-1/2 to derek

sleep-reset hp and daily spell count
day 5-morning conversation with King & court
*roz & Jensen totally clear
*watch out for underworld forces coming together~rumor
*new directive: find method of infiltration
*’hand of the king’: gain two companions (war mage & ranger)

D&D days 1-3

starting xp: 28000

A)days 1-3:get offered work by captain Jensen, get geared up and go over maps/plans for ride along of spices/gold caravan.

2 goblins
2 orcs

1 orc- sent to dungeon with 2 captains

gems worth 60 gold
2 cure mod. wound potion
4 holy symbols of Gruumsh

900 xp earned
new total: 28900 xp
(dm note: experience earned won’t be perfectly equal for each character, be careful)

next time:
check on king/queen’s safety, then head out for ride along with caravan. Should be 1 day to meet them, 3 days to return


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