days 4-5

B)Enter King’s chamber with Lt. Helo
Boldly pursues 1/2 doz. green skins

1st battle-upstairs from king’s chamber
2 orcs w/ 2-handers
2 orcs w/ crossbows
1 giant goblin
result:all knocked unconscious except 1 of archer orcs(tied up)
loot all bodies:
misc. (70 gold)
3 cure mod. wounds potions
1 big tourmaline (~100-300 gold)
+2 chainmail shirt (magic)-sold
2x +1throwing axes (magic)-sold
4 x dagger-discarded
1x short bow
not looted: 2 x heavy crossbow & 2x 2-handers

2nd battle-king’s bedroom
2 orcs
1 giant goblin
1 2-headed ogre(shapeshifter)
2x small goblins
result:all defeated and unconscious except 1 sm. goblin & 1 orc, king saved and un-magiked.
loot all bodies:
misc. (240 gold)-derek
1x big tourmaline (300 gold)-sold
2x +1throwing axes (magic)-sold
1x +2chainmail shirt (magic)-sold
5x cure mod. wounds potions-derek
1x cat’s grace potion-derek
1x fly potion
300 gold-from treasurer
12000 gold-from armorer-1/2 to derek

sleep-reset hp and daily spell count
day 5-morning conversation with King & court
*roz & Jensen totally clear
*watch out for underworld forces coming together~rumor
*new directive: find method of infiltration
*’hand of the king’: gain two companions (war mage & ranger)

D&D days 1-3

starting xp: 28000

A)days 1-3:get offered work by captain Jensen, get geared up and go over maps/plans for ride along of spices/gold caravan.

2 goblins
2 orcs

1 orc- sent to dungeon with 2 captains

gems worth 60 gold
2 cure mod. wound potion
4 holy symbols of Gruumsh

900 xp earned
new total: 28900 xp
(dm note: experience earned won’t be perfectly equal for each character, be careful)

next time:
check on king/queen’s safety, then head out for ride along with caravan. Should be 1 day to meet them, 3 days to return


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