Mithril Case

magic card deck


Mithril case- double spiral design on case, gets tinier and tinier down to the impossible center, holding a deck of cards. Also some kind of magical aura.


So far:
Darik pulled The Empress card-(rainbow colors) (Tiamat goddess-evil dragon flight)Black dragon appears after card disappears.
Terra pulled The Magician card-(blue colors) and can cast any level 0-2 spell without limit, but must make save.
Leyf pulled Temperance- feel more confident & connected to my friends- card disolves into purple mist
Kalna- pulls Wheel of Fortune- golden mist- visions of gambling and luck- goes gambling and has incredible, impossible winning streak
Darik pulls Magician
Anton pulls The Lovers which dissolves into pink mist. He becomes a little more attractive to all. Anton feels more confidence and could seduce anyone or anything.
Anton pulls The Star- seems to make it harder for enemies to focus while attacking
Leyf pulls The World- heal all damage, afflictions, wounds on self; Bonus to listen and spot;no penalty and at will: prestidigitation, light, mage hand, ghost sound, silent image
With feedback damage, all these are at will: teleport, telekinesis, polymorph any object, seeming, greater invisibility, time stop, power word:stun, power word:kill

Mithril Case

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