day 8-9

end of day 8-return to the castle

King orders servants to prepare a feast. Most are sheding they armor. Suddenly fog starts rolling into throne room. Servant runs in unharmed
and speaks with King quietly. He sends servant back into fog.
Leif fires crossbow at doorway and blindly hits one of three servants. Crossbow taken away. Leif thinks fog will kill him.

Terra, Darik, Leif head for queen’s chambers. Terra fails at calming Leif and doubles penalty of being in fog.

Darik is first through war room door and saves himself from door bursting into flames.

Queen, entourage and guards all safe, but have seen some action. Don’t answer any of Queen’s questions.
Queen’s matron reveals she saw 6 orcs carrying off John Pertwee, priest of St Cuthbert (Justice).

Head to Cuthbert chapel to track John Pertwee. Speak to Mabel (female priest) who was present when stuff went down. She’s fine. Orcs were quiet and
very organized/focused.Fail at tracking.

Marshall Malero(f) & General Thorcrest in Kord Chapel. They defended themselves from capture.

Head to final Chapel (Pelor). Big gliph keeping everyone asleep. Terra falls asleep. Move all white robed figures to adjacent Chapel.“high priest” is not
who Leif thought he was, i.e. just a deacon. William Hartnell (high priest) of Pelor chapel was not among sleeping people. Charge deacon to
keep everyone out of Pelor Chapel.

Report to King then head to large Chapel outside Castle.

Orcs ran off with Moridin’s high priest, Kurts Ronekol.

God-artifact pairings
Ollidamara- Rapier of desperate measures
Moradin- Axe of ancestral virtue
Cuthbert- Cudgel that never forgets
Kord- Belt of the champion
Pelor- Shard of the sun (little crystal)
Garl Glittergold- Hooked hamer of the hearthfire
?- deck of card

Darik pulls The Empress card from box out in the open.(rainbow colors) (Tiamat goddess-evil dragon flight)Black dragon appears after card disappears.
Dragon talks to Darik then flies away without eating anyone.
Box is locked by clear to silver clock mechanism (24 hour cycle).
Day 9- Brief meal with King, killing time, pulling the 2nd card

Leif gathers materials to make decoys boxes.

Terra pulls The Magician card (blue colors) and can cast any level 0-2 spell without limit, but must make save. Chooses levitate first (flashy to make point infront of King).
Speak with King & Queen about power of box and it’s ability to allow multi-wield of artifacts regardless of alignment with gods.
Don’t reveal to them that each card may correspond to a particular god/power/creature summoned. Warn King to not wield the Rapier anymore
but simply protect it.

Recieve message from laughing man for new meeting at midnight by fountain.

Box given to Darik who hides it in cask.

Current Hypothesis:
Box of cards is godless/supergod artifact that allows temporary (probably 24h) wielding of any or multiple godly artifacts regardless of users allignment.
It can be opened once/day to pull a card which summons a creature or power associated with a particular god/goddess. Pulling a card does not give full
control over creature nor risk-free power, though use of power is unlimited in # of uses in 24h period. This is how Orc leader was able to wield the Rapier
of Desperate Measures (confirmed as real by High Priest of Garl Glittergold, (Crimbo Ellington VI) during battle with King, but did not use godly creature
to win battle.
Suspect Laughing Man is High Priest of Ollidamara.
Suspect Orcs being organized/manipulated by non-orc intelligence/power to gather all High Priests for their knowledge of the location and nature of each
godly artifact.
Suspect imminent raid on castle for box, rapier, and axe. Wielding and moving artifacts not equivalent, so items could be stolen without the deathly
consequences of non-believer wielding rapier or axe.
Not sure if Laughing Man aligned with Orcs or will align with us.


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