Day 8

Interogate Human- would send a message to laughing man asking for a meeting with us.

Interogate Orc- named Skrag, used some empathy, got a bit friendly, then leif asked darik about any wenches or whores he knew of who had some orc fetish—Catherine who works at Copper’s. Went and got her, brought her back to castle, cleaned her up a bit, brought her to the dungeon and she sent us out of the room and after 5 min came back and got us. Skrag was more amiable and told us that he was from an underground tribe and they came up from the caves before bleeding out of every orifice.

spellcraft test- could have been a curse cast on him beforehand or a magical spy in the room.

Returned to king (darik and leif) and queen (terra) and tell our stories when a couple of halflings burst in the room and inform the queen that there is a orcish army of about 20,000 marching this direction about 3 days out from the northeast. King calls a meeting, Darik suggests large scale siege traps (spike pits, laying pitch on the ground,etc. we end up going with some outriders to harrass their scouts to slow them down.

Coming through ravine pathway, ambush with logs, arrows, magic stuff. Dark elves send spiders up cliff sides to us. Slow them down and retreat back to castle.

Leader of orcs, Eye of Gruumsh, one eyes orc, weilds ornate rapier, not a usual orcish weapon.

High priest with king and queen, brings king into chapel and comes back with artifact-level battle axe of Moradin. axe speaks to king.

Begining of battle- king and orc leader go head to head, stalemate for a while, king disarms orc, then beheads orc leader. orcs lose. great feast. king picks up orc’s rapier and another item (small mithril case).

Rapier has a makers stamp of a laughing man. Rapier of Desparate Measures- an artifact weapon made by Olidammara, someone picking up should have been smote down unless a true believer in Olidammara…but king also carrying an artifact magic weapon of Moradin

Mithril case- double spiral design on case, gets tinier and tinier down to the impossible center, holding a deck of cards. Also some kind of magical aura.

Notes- leif- wand of cure moderate wounds 2 charges, -1 lvl 2 spell today
Magic chick
-3 lvl 3 spells, -1 lvl 2 spells today


ah80 ah80

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