day 6-leyf sucks ad infinitum

C)day 6-gathering information
head to armory to ask about sold items-leftover axe is higher than usual quality,
definitely goblinoid so manufactured to the east but nothing more specific

enter dismal dive bar, leyf stealthily, derek as himself and makes a sale
acosted by 3 dwarves with daggers-fighting and confusion ensue
1 runs away southward
1 is tied up- take his throwing stars(derek) and small key in his purse, rest of purse goes to Copper for his troubles
leader is prone by nail-bat to the head from Copper (bartender/owner) then tied up. his purse also goes to Copper.
Leader has small necklace with charm similar to tattoo of tied up guy.take necklace.

Carver-human-tattooist-north side of town
he is not convinced to give us thieve’s pseudo-guild info.plans sells us out to thieves in a midnight meeting
set up backup with Jensen- falconpunch (ranger’s hawk) will glide over them and squawk as signal for help needed
return to carver’s shop, undo all magical protections, cast silence over self, knock over inks and shit all downstairs,
try to tie him up but crossbow him through the neck (insta-kill) by accident (leyf is an idiot).

speak with the dead Carver
1) are the would-be attacker you set us up with thieves or smugglers? yes.
2)Who is the highest ranked member of the most organised thieve/crime group in the city? The laughing man
3) where would we find “The laughing man”?locked in the halls of olidammara’s church
4) what would it take to make the laughing man work with us? Great wealth, great power or a great secret
carver’s corpse has a few tattoos which might be the same as the necklace and dwarf tattoos.

derek loots carver’s shop:
1 silver ring with blue stone
3 little feathers with a bird gliph inked on each of them-no idea what that means


ah80 dasobserver

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