day 6-7: midnight encounter with the Laughing Man

brawl in the halls of Olidamarra's Church

Evening of day 6- setting up the ambush of the ambush
leif and dead carver set up by center of square, Darik sets up on roof to guard and watch over
6 dudes take positions in each entrance way, plus 4 enemy snipers on roofs with crossbows
The laughing man reveals himself to Leif and brief conversation takes place.
meet laughing man-reveal to him our ‘removal of fine ale from castle’ idea, he disappears without fighting during ensuing battle. Laughing man wears
a stylized version of the mask symbol seen from necklace and as tattoos.
Darik tries to overtake a sniper but commotion makes everyone panic and attack. The laughing man has ability to completely disappear using shadows.
Leif is terrible with falconpunch the hawk. 1st try to raise signal for the guard fails. Leif stabbed in back, kidneys and generally useless
then unconscious. Darik saves Leif with potion and kicking ass. Terra warms up and ends with very impressive, cinematic kills.
Apperance of guards makes most ground-force-type guys run away battle quickly ends.

Looting and capture of 3 prisoners (2 humans, 1 dwarf)

day 7 morning- meeting with Queen Opal
She requests audience with Terra, Leif and Darik. Pushes to gain information.
Reveals she has some very fast acting and seemingly powerful skills including taking over Darik’s body briefly
to make him perform monkish feats of agility.
She also seems to imply that one of her skills is getting people to want to do her bidding. Terra showing up to the battle is an example of this.
We next head to dungeons to question Orc from raid on the castle and the 3 prisoners from the previous evening’s fight.
guiding questions: who did he spot in entering castle? how he got in? do thieves know how to get in? structure of thieve guild?
Know of anyone who is easily manipulable?
interogation results:
orc: leif zaps him repeatedly, trying for intimidation. Stays a little too close to bars and get surprise grabbed. Orc loses his hand
and consciousness but does not die. Is returned to jail but moved to farthest cell, so he’s seen by the three prisoners captured at the square.
Only thing we find out from him is he goes by Kurzon. Plan for him is to keep torturing him to wear him down.
1st human: Scott is 17 yr old kid, scared by blood all over cell. Reveals that the Olidamarra’s Church is ‘everywhere’. It’s more a metaphorical idea
though there are prayers and rituals. Also talked about who the laughing man is. Main characteristic (echoed by next prisoner, the dwarf zac) is
that ’he’s smart. he’s got everything figured out.’ He will be housed for several days in Castle, isolated, then released.
He reveals he’s rather new to organization. He knows the dwarf, nicknamed zac since he can’t pronounce real name, but not the human.
interogation cell was stagged during our lunch to look like we murdered Scott.
Interogation of Zac is done solely by Terra and Darik. Leif steams in a corner. Zac is very cooperative. Reveals more about the splinter cell
nature of the laughing man’s organization, the codename of who his cell reports to: Crescent, and his drop location, a gutter nearby. Also reveals
each cell has one lateral connection. Zac is more or less a local of the castle/town and will be released after being fed.
Terra and Darik plan to leave a message and stake out the drop site with something like, “been released but don’t know why. I think they’re going to
kill me. need help”
interogation of final prisoner, nameless human is put off for later. as is round two of orc intergation.


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