day 10- midnight meeting with the Laughing Man

Day 10-Midnight meeting with Laughing man
Set up 2 squads several block away from fountain with instructions to wait.
Terra summons celestial woodchuck to answer “how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” No way to test such a question since
we’re in mostly stone city. Then poofs out of existence and Laughing man appears and seems amused.

chat with Laughing Man:
LM: wants to know about Axe and especially the Rapier.
T: Wants to know method of passage into the castle by Orcs and their intent.
LM: The “Travelling Man”, disciple of Ollidamara came through town with rapier once and met LM. This is how LM knows about non-disciples getting fucked by wielding
D: talks about artifacts balancing each other, but abandons that idea to LM
LM: Caves and lakes under castle, some of which have links for Undercommon (home of Drow (sp?) who are lawful, evil and can dominate Orcs/execute organized
maneuvers). Mentions old Mining shaft outside castle wall that has passage into castle.
L: reveal names and positions of Priests taken or attacked.
LM: (reveals black and white mask as stroking his beard thinking of this info)seeks more info about effects of Axe on wielder.::leads us to Old Mine::

LM: Wants more info on Artifacts, non-green skins wandering tunnels, Queen’s abilities/studies/theories. Also explains how to use feathers to contact him (write
message, wrap around feather, throw in air). Vows to be an ally.

big fight with 7 orcs, 1 goblins: Leif too far to do anything for a while, Derek survives massive damage, Terra burns all the things with magic. Kill everything.
1 blue wand- Leif takes- magic missile wand
95 gp D & T each

T disarms traps on door and all enter room and search chests. one has nasty mist that T clears out. Other has rainbow explosion that L takes 4
serious acid damage from.
1700 gp in left chest & 1 ring of jumping(+10) terra & derek
60 pp==600 in right chest & 2 alexandrite gems stones -terra & derek
1 staff of frost
(value $2300)- Leif

COntinue exploring towards where Orcs were headed, Turn right towards narrow passage. Search and find 1 door trigger on right side & 4 removable stones on left
side evenly spaced along passageway. trigger leads to Vault. Surprise dwarves who surround us, get Jensen & continue to open removable stones; each leads to
the back of a small jail cell (can only be opened from passageway). Find removable stones to open space of jail cell and to large troll/orc jail cell.

Back track to 4-way intersection. Jensen describes this place as being right under the middle of the castle.
RIGHT: Find 2-level ladder with some listenning posts on 1st levelup and more listening/spying posts and some access to King’s smoking room, Queen’s arboretum,
Throne room.
STRAIGHT: another ladder with spy holes to lower guest quarters on 1st level, and spy holes and entrances to upper guest suite(where we’ve been sleeping) on
2nd level.
LEFT: up ladder leads to hidden stair case with entrance to study, and shitters. Notice precarious path past barrier that leads down and find false wall.
Then we smell orcs then see orcs, then…

NEXT TIME: retreat then secure castle passages.Also need to appraise all items.
2000xp for D, T, & L


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