Day ?

Headed back to town-beefed up security-, followed gnome priest back to chappel. Chappel empty of patrons, full of guards. Leif stays in chappel. Darik, Kalna, Anton head to castle to get some rest and check in with Jenson.

Meet with Jenson, while we were out there were a handful of pushes by greenskins from the caverns underground. Prisoner says that pushes will only get stronger. Chat with Jenson about whats going on.

Darik sends a contact drop for laughing man to see if he can help with information and bodies for the upcoming problems. Group going to meet with queen to chat about artifacts. Next step is war council. Fight vs. Flight (sending out artifacts to draw orcs away).

Darik and Leif go to meet with Laughing Man. He pledges he aleigence to them so much as they keep feeding him information. Willing aid them no matter what the war council decides. Laughing Man gives them a Scrying Ball so he can listen in on things when needed. Lief holds on to Ball.

Kalna goes to magic shop. Plays with an enlarge(d) rod and purchases it. Anton goes to psion shop. Anton draws from deck, draws The Star-.

Forget about Scrying Ball and go to war council. Queen detects it and kicks us out. Lief and Darik have to explain to Kalna and ANton why. Jenson tells us to lay low for a few days, Kalna has to go buy shit (literally).

Castle bell rings and guards start running toward castle. Laughing Man shows up next to us. Kalna intimidates her way into castle, leaving the rest on the outside, makes her way to the throne room, queen notices her and chat.

Leif, Darik, Anton, and Laughing man sprint to the mine entrance to the caves and come upon a small group of orcs. Clean them out.

Kalna heads down and meets the king in the other side of the caverns and fights with another group.


ah80 Johnnytenpins

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